Bonsaglio Srl issues an official receipt of the material delivered for every order made on line.

Shipping costs are borne by the Customer and are explicitly highlighted when an order is placed. The payment of goods by the Customer shall be made according to the method chosen at the time of order.
No additional expenses or fees are owed to Bonsaglio Srl. The goods will be supplied in a package made directly from the manufacturer or in cardboard boxes duly closed.
The delivery times of ordered goods are only indicative and range from 3 to 5 working days; these can be subject to changes due to circumstances beyond our control or related to traffic and road conditions in general or by the Authorities.
Bonsaglio Srl does not accept any liabilities in case of a delay in the order fulfilment or in the delivery of ordered goods.
When goods are delivered by the courier, the Customer is obliged to check if the number of packages delivered corresponds with the one mentioned in the receipt, the package is intact, not damaged, neither wet or, otherwise, altered.
Any external damages or the non-correspondence with the number of packages or descriptions should be promptly reported to the courier who performed the delivery, by placing the wording ‘goods received unchecked’ in the suitable accompanying document within 8 days via a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to be requested to the courier, whose address is specified in the accompanying document.
In the specific case of a damaged parcel, please write as follows: ‘goods received unchecked, because the parcel is damaged’. Once the courier’s document has been signed, the Customer will not be able to raise any claims against the external characteristics of the delivery.
The SDA courier carries out the first delivery without any notice.
If the delivery fails because the addressee is absent, the addressee shall be entitled to ask for a new shipment within 3 working days after the first delivery attempt. If the parcel should not picked up by the addressee, the goods shall be returned to Bonsaglio Srl, resulting in the order cancellation and in the application of a penalty corresponding to 30 % of the purchase amount at customer's expense plus the reimbursement for shipping charges.

The shipping costs for OVERSEAS are calculated by the system at the time of the order.