BONSAGLIO SRL was founded in 1925 by the five Bonsaglio brothers. Its core business was the production of prams and pushchairs for children and dolls, metal bed frames and iron beds.
In 1961 its activities in the wholesale and retail trade were developed, by occupying 2,500 square meters of exhibition space and 3,300 square meters of warehouse that allowed it to offer a wide range of highly specialized products used in the commodity sectors, such as earliest childhood, toys, railway modelling, garden furniture, household goods and furnishing accessories, objects and pieces of equipment for street furniture and green equipment, playground, sports equipment, school furniture and educational materials.
Many years of experience and our business professionalism allow us to offer a wide range of prestigious brands with high-quality products and designs at cheaper prices nationally and overseas.

BONSAGLIO SRL is equipped with a private parking of 2,600 square meters, highly qualified personnel in charge of sales and after sales service. It offers booking services, deliveries using its own means and an assembly service.